Why Buy a Business in Tenerife

There are many reasons for buying a business in Tenerife but certainly one of the most commonly cited is the island's glorious weather. The decision to move abroad is life-changing and exciting and often based on memories of successful holidays spent soaking up the sunshine and relaxing far from daily worries.

Potential buyers, who are getting ready to invest years of their hard-earned money into a new venture in a new location, want to know that there is more to Tenerife than memories of an enjoyable holiday.

For many, the most important factor is the weather.  The weather in Tenerife is not quite as seasonal as elsewhere. The average temperature in the cooler months of November through February is still 19C; very comfortable if you are tired of icy cold winters. The other benefit of Tenerife's year round good weather is that it makes the island a popular destination at any time of the year. Businesses in Tenerife which rely on tourism do not suffer the same seasonal slump as other popular summer destinations.

European Membership

Other advantages of Tenerife as a location to invest in a business include its participation in the EU. As a part of Spain, Tenerife offers all the benefits of membership in the European Union including the right for all EU citizens to obtain work permits.   All that is necessary is to obtain a National Identity Number (NIE) and this is a s procedure waich takes only a few hours.

Tourist Driven Opportunities

Many people seeking to buy a business abroad feel handicapped if they are moving to a county with a different language.  Even is they speak good  Spanish, they are sometimes less confident of their ability to attract regualr local clientele.  A solution is to look for a business serving the tourist trade in the main resort areas of Tenerife like perhaps bars for sale in Las Americas or maybe if they are wary of the long hours in the required in the hospitality trade then a non-catering business in Los Cristianos would be ideal.   In Tenerife there are many, many English speaking businesses catering for English speaking tourists and expats.  Whether it's a bar or restaurant, a cleaning business or shop there is always a wide selection of business opportunities in themain tourist areas of Tenerife.


When buying any business abroad, it's important to look at the economic imperatives.  You might not feel the need to become a millionaire, but you do at least want your business to provide a comfortable living!  Buying a business in Tenerife takes away much of this risk because as a year-round destination, businesses in Tenerife enjoy year-round trade.