Tenerife is a favoured holiday destination

Tenerife is and always will be a favoured holiday destination. Well known as the Island of eternal spring Tenerife is blessed with all year round sunshine, and a moderate temperature of around 24/26 Celsius. This is a very comfortable climate for both young and old, who visit the island frequently all year round.View
of the Tenerife landscape The winters are a comfortable 20 Celsius, and February see´s most of the islands rainfall. Tenerife forms part of the popular Canary Islands and receives the largest amounts of tourists, not to say the other islands are still very popular tourist destinations. Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are all individual and offer everyone a great destination.

Tenerife has its fair share of amazing beaches, and has won several European titles for its coastlines. The beaches are a great way to relax and soak up the sun with long summer days, and a generally great atmosphere throughout the day. They play host to several water sports and activities, with volley ball competitions taking place throughout the summer months. Windsurfing, jet skiing and scuba diving are all available on the beaches, with qualified instructors at hand. Kids can find plenty of activities whilst moms and dads can relax in the sun.

Playa del duque, el Medano and Playa de las Vistas are just some of the beaches that are fully equipped with essential facilities like changing rooms, showers, toilets and sunbeds. You can even find telephones for holiday makers and beach bars to quench your thirst. The beach bars are also very reasonable, and you can relax without needing a mortgage for the bill. A full day on the beach with the family is a great way to spend your holiday, and will not cost you too much if you plan ahead.

The local hotels and accommodation are all a walk away from the beach fronts, and are also very reasonable, but self-catering is a great choice, with many complexes available. Los Cristianos, Las Americas and la Caleta are some of the popular areas for accommodation and relaxation.

Tenerife has so much to offer, that a short break here is just not good enough. For a small island it has so much culture and attraction. Starting with the famous waterparks like Aqualand and Siam Park, leading to the island famous Mt. Teide. The volcano centres the island and has provided the picturesque landscapes that can be found. With natural walks like Masca and volcanic landscapes the island just never stops giving. Hollywood has visited the island many times due to its unbelievable volcanic back drops. Moonwalker, Planet of the apes and the latest Clash of the Titans have all been filmed in the National park surrounding Mt. Teide. Tenerife is a hiker’s paradise, with the final lift being by cable car to the tip of the volcano, which is a must when visiting the island.

Tenerife is duty free as with all of the Canary Islands. This is the place to buy perfumes and spirits, tobacco and fine wines. Some of which are now widely produced in the Canaries and Tenerife itself. Vina Norte and San Val are splendid wines to try when visiting. Both giving a rich full bodied taste, for the Lots  of activities for everyone on Tenerife. Like water parks, golf, sight  seeing and more…wine connoisseur. There are also many shopping centres where you can find a huge selection of duty free products, but don’t forget your limits as the UK will confiscate goods over the EU limitations.

There are so many good restaurants in Tenerife, and many can be found around the coastlines and overlooking the superb sunsets of La Gomera. Eating out is easy as there are so many different cuisines available at great value. If you like to party then the Famous Veronicas strip will offer the night owl entertainment all night. The 24hr bars and clubs are perfect for the visitor who likes to party hard.

As Tenerife is a year round tourist destination, moving to relocate and open a business here is a valuable option. Releasing the stresses of the UK, opening a business in Tenerife and residing on the island is a great choice. Tenerife Business Finder has a huge selection of businesses for sale in Tenerife, and have a good knowledge of the island. They can help you with your relocation and offer some great advice on businesses for sale in Tenerife.